Tampa Garage Door Repair

In addition to the occasional accidents that we can’t avoid, (Tampa) garage door repair is also called for when the natural wear and tear of the parts happen. Like all other machines, garage door parts breakdown.

Tampa garage door repair companies like Trinity Garage Door Services are always on-call for these jobs and we make sure that every customer is satisfied with our offer. Our repair services include parts replacement and installation of openers and clickers.

Garage Door Repair for Springs

Our springs are of top quality, lasting up to 65,000 open and close cycles – the highest quality you can get in the industry. We removal of old springs, install or repair two high-cycle oil-tempered springs, and check for proper balancing of the new springs for optimum performance of the door.

Garage Door Openers

Tampa garage door repair services should always include the replacement and installation of openers. They are convenient and provide easy access to our garage without the strain. Our garage door openers are from top industry brands which mean you get the good stuff instead of generic product lines.

Our best-sellers are:

  • Liftmaster 3255 chain drive – ½ hp
  • Liftmaster 3280 belt drive – ½ hp
  • Liftmaster 8550 belt drive – DC powered unit

We offer other options we can discuss when we are on site.

For inquiries on our Tampa garage door offers, call us at (813) 447-3874 or go to our Contact Us page.