Lutz Common Garage Door Problems

Garage doors may look like simple machines, but they are not. Your garage doors are composed of many interrelated components. These components need to work well together to keep your garage doors as efficient as possible.

door2Garage doors work in complex ways and in harsh conditions. They need to withstand extreme weather changes to protect your garage and its contents. It is because of this that garage doors experience several problems.

Perhaps, the most common problem that a garage door experiences is the difficulty to lift and lower itself. A garage door is very large and heavy. Over time, it becomes prone to fall out of adjustment due to daily use. This results to a door that is harder to lift and to lower.

The best way to prevent this problem is to inspect the garage door every year for loose hinges, worn springs, and other parts that show signs of wear and tear. Here are other possible reasons as to why garage doors encounter difficulty in lifting and lowering itself:

  1. Defective electric opener. To check if your opener is defective, disconnect the electric opener from the garage door mechanism. Try operating your door. If the door works manually, then you need to have your electronic repaired or replaced.
  2. Spring tensions that are out of adjustments. Because garage door springs work under extreme tension, they become unadjusted after quite some time. Do not attempt to adjust garage door springs on your own. Garage door springs lift heavy loads and a simple mistake can lead to a big accident.
  3. Poorly aligned bar. This problem is easy to fix. All you have to do is loosen a couple of screws, realign the bar mechanism, and then tighten the screws once more.

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