Garage Door Spring Replacement Cost

Garage door springs are one of the vital parts of garage doors. These springs make it easier to raise and lower the door. Garage door springs were designed and made to last a very long time! However, after all the extreme weather changes, the heavy lifting and lowering, and the wrath of time, these metals weaken and break.

Once this happen, we encourage you to never attempt replacing a garage door spring by yourself. DIY garage door spring replacement can be very dangerous and fatal. Those springs are under extreme and enormous amount of tension, and one false move can lead to accident. Not to mention that DIY requires certain tools and equipment for the job. Knowing the right size of the spring can be tricky too!

So while doing a DIY in the attempt of saving cash, you just might end up venting more money out due to additional expenses from equipment purchase, re-purchasing of springs due to improper size, and hospital bills.

Have your garage door springs replaced by professionals! No question there. It may cost you depending from the type of spring that needs to be replaced. An average garage door spring replacement can range from $150 to $250. This includes the spring itself, the transport fee, and the service fee. Your safety can never be too costly, and your comfort is an added bonus surely anyone would take.

With our honest, quick, and professional service, you’re sure to have your garage door working in no time without any hassle or getting ripped off.

Want to find out more? Give us a call, and we can give you an estimate of the cost.

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