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  • Programmable Genie Garage Door Remote Control

    Genie garage doors in Wesley have remote control and clicker units that should be programmed appropriately before you can use them. Here are simple instructions when programming your garage door remote: Take the light cover off your genie garage door opener. Look for the black logic board. Press the learn button found on the logic […]

  • How to Save on Garage Door Repair Costs

    If you have garage door openers installed, you should know how to properly care for them. Otherwise, be prepared to shell out money for its costly repairs. But the fact remains, eventually, your garage doors will need garage door repair. It will just depend on how much the wear and tear is. Thus, if you […]

  • Garage Door Hinges Replacement

    Garage door hinges are important parts of garage doors. Problems related to safety and security arise when these hinges become worn and torn over time. Replacing garage door hinges are best left for professionals. But if you want to give this DIY thing a shot, then here are some information you might want to know […]